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Judge's Table


Be the Change

Attend the CTAT Law and Public Service Conference in-person to hear from engaging speakers who are ready to help you with Law and Public Service instruction. Over three days, you'll gain knowledge to stay at the forefront of LPS education.

The CTAT state conference for Law and Public Service Teachers includes relevant industry-based certifications, the latest legislative updates, and law-enforcement techniques used by licensed peace officers. 

Workshops are led by TCOLE licensed trainers, veteran teachers, and professionals in the industry. With an expanded workshop, Sgt. Mike McCutcheon, Ed.D covers Forensic Science topics.

Join us for new ideas, new resources, and new teaching strategies to prepare your students for careers in the law and public safety pathway.

  • Curriculum and Instructional Resources for Law and Public Service pathways

  • Aligning Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Evaluation

  • Industry-Based Certification Training

  • Partnerships with Local Colleges, Academies, Departments, Municipalities

  • Best Practices for CTSOs

  • Law Enforcement Techniques: Interview and Interrogation, Crime Scene Processing, Processing Courtroom Evidence, etc.

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